Models of 2017

Happy late new year!
Sorry for no post on new years, was busy at Ikkicon! Which was pretty good. I'll have a post about Ikkicon later today or tomorrow. But for now, let's look at all the gunpla that were finished in 2017. I was able to get a good amount done, but still, have a few in my backlog from 2016 still going. One day I'll get them all done. So here we go!

1. 1/100 Gundam F91 (1991)
Just a straight build for the most part with some details painted. I honestly love the old kit and it is way better than the MG in my opinion. However looks like Bandai is making a new MG F91.

2. 1/60 Helldiver
This old kit is from Patlabor. Originally I wanted to customize it, but I thought I'd just build it instead. It is a cool kit, but really old. One day I'll work on it.

3. HGCE Buster Gundam custom
This was just a custom I did for the hell of it. This kit was a nightmare, to be honest. The darn seamline in the head and the difficulty to hold the weapons bugs the hell out of me. Still, it does look pretty cool. This is one I would definitely get the MG of, just because.

4. HGUC Gaplant custom
A while back I uploaded a custom Gaplant. (Link here) Since then I wasn't too happy with the all silver color. So I went back and repainted it with a nice grey. More my style.

5. HG00 GN Flag
For the 10th anniversary of Gundam 00. I went ahead and made a version of the GN Flag. While it isn't show accurate, it is something I always wanted to do. Full post to the GN Flag here.

6. 1/144 L.O Booster
Out of curiosity, I picked this kit up. Wasn't sure what to expect out of this old kit. Wing kits always seemed to be a hit or miss for me. This one was a hit, but with some questionable choices. Full post here.

7. Haze Shiki
Around spring of 2017, HLJ had a contest and I wanted in. My entry being the Haze Shiki, based off of the 1/144 Hyaku Shiki 2.0. I had fun making this, but darn I wish the hobby town I shop at had some german grey. Full post here.

8. FG 1/144 Dynames
Out of boredom, I bought and built this kit. Nothing more to say.
9. 1/144 H-arms Custom (EW)
A little backstory to this kit. This was one of my first Gunpla, sadly I did not build it right, and it kind of died. Many years later I finally got a new one.
10.  Figure-rise Bust Makina Nakajima 
I like Macross Delta, and she is one of my favorite characters. As well I was curious about this line. 
 11. RG Wing Zero Custom
The prize from Ikkicon's gunpla contest a few years ago. I finally built it. I'll have to say, I wasn't too impressed with the Wing Zero Custom. I go more into the reason why in the actual post.  Link here.
12. Figure-rise Bust Reina Prowler 
I couldn't have Makina without Reina. So here she is. Nothing much different, but it's nice to have both of them. 
 13. HGUC Gogg
A fully painted build of the HGUC Gogg. Had fun with this kit. 
14. MG Gundam MK II
Picked this kit up already built from a guy at SXSW. However! It was not built right, had to go back, take the kit apart and rebuild it from the ground up. Don't worry MK II, you're in good hands. 

15. FG 1/144 Zaku II
This particular kit has a bit of history. I bought it at an Ikkicon already built, unpainted a few years ago. Gave it to my little nephew to play with. Broke it. Forgot about it. Found it within the past year and restored it. Now it sits on my shelf proudly. Link here.
16. Rx-78 Hagane Gundam 
The big project of 2017, outside the Haze Shiki. The Hagane Gundam was a joke that became real. Took so much time and resources, but I am proud of the result. And it gives me a reason to go out and buy a revive Rx-78-2 now. Full post here.

Well, this was 2017 in terms of gunpla. Oh, man, did I do a lot, let's see how 2018 fairs. 

- Zeroconvoy