RX-78 Hagane Gundam

Finally, after months of working, I did it! If you follow my Facebook page, I have a gallery of a work in progress called Tankdam. Link here. Well after a few months of working, I have finally finished it! This Rx-78 Hagane Gundam.

A little backstory, I was watching an anime called Hagane Orchistra, a mobile game anime that is just an advertisement for a mobile game. A fun show, but I can't play the game. Well, in episode 8, they were talking about piloting the robots, and it cut to a Gundam parody. As is here.

Well, being up late and inspired! I broke ground on this project using an aging Rx-78-2 High Grade. (Which now gives me a reason to buy the revive.) Now, without further ado, I give you the parody!

RX-78 Hagane Gundam

Well, that's it for now. Boy, this was fun to do. Well until next time.

- Zeroconvoy