Tamashii Buddies Sailor Jupiter

Hello everyone! Here with a new review. Today we are looking at the Tamashii Buddies Sailor Jupiter.

So, I don't know much about the series Sailor Moon. I've watched what ever they aired on Toonami way back then. I really don't know much, but I remembered I liked Sailor Jupiter. So I picked this up. So what is the Tamashii Buddies line? I honestly don't have any idea, but it seems to be a line that has figures in Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. But what I can tell you is how this figure holds up!

Starting off with the box tour!


I'll be honest, the back pretty much shows off all the features that this figure has. If you want to stop here you can, but unlike you I gotta keep writting this. SO HERE I GO!

And here is everything she comes with!
You get...
1x Sailor Jupiter
4x frame parts
1x frame top
1x backdrop

So the figure itself.

And that is honestly about it for the figure. The figure is static, has no areticulation. I do not believe it can be remo…

Yamato Neuromancer #003: Yoko Littner

Hello everyone! It has been super cold here, and with the cold comes sickness. Being sick sucks, made me miss last Friday. Why am I so bummed about that, last Friday was the three year anniversary of this blog. Man, three years, time sure does fly. Well, what better way to celebrate three years than to look at a figure from Yamato. The first review I've done here was the VF-11D from Macross Plus.  Today we are taking a look at another figure from Yamato. (In retrospect it should have been the GN-U DOU from Macross Plus.) The Yamato Neuromancer #003: Yoko Littner.

From what I can tell, there are two other figures in the Neuromancer line, but that is about all I know. These figures are pretty high quality and have a price to match. Pushing 200 to 300 USD. In addition to the high price point, these figures aren't easy to find. I came across mine at a con, thankfully the vendor was willing to give it to me a discount.

As for the character, I'm a huge Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann…