Haze Shiki Custom

Hello again! So a while back the folks at Hobby Link Japan had a model contest. So I wanted to enter. I didn't win anything but I got a pretty nice custom kit. So First of all I'll show you guys some of the W.I.P I did.

Here was the base kit.
1/144 HGUC Revive Hyaku Shiki

So, I used the following kits.
  • HGUC Revive Hyaku Shiki
  • HGUC Nemo
  • HGBF Ez Arms
  • HGBF Powered Arms Powerder
  • HGGB Forever Gundam
  • HGUC Guncannon Mass Production Type
So, lets go a head and look at the W.I.P. 

First off I scratch built some makeshift high mobility thruster.

Next I started to build a makeshift backpack that was a combo of the Ez arms and the Nemo's.

I painted the kit a Haze Grey primary and a Dark Blue secondary.
Originally I had a makeshift shoulder made from what is left of the Hyaku Shiki and the Nemo, but that didn't work out. So instead I pulled out the extra shoulders from the Forever Gundam.

Once that was done, I started the weapons. Using a gunmetal grey and a black as the colors for the gun and the cannons.

So, with all that work, I now present to you...
The Haze Shiki.