This is the Photo-shoots page. This is just here to show off the various photo-shoots done in a more organized manner.

Models of 2017
Godzilla vs Bumble
Icy wonder land!
Happy Thanksgiving 2017
Lodging Wolf
Happy Halloween 2017
The Demon is here!
Now without a fight
What did you say?
Happy Pirate Day!
Evangelion Unit 02 vs Gigan
Last Round (Halo Reach Photoshoot)
Wing Zero Custom (Real Grade)
Training on the Ocean
Talking to short people
4th of July
Sunset of Eva
Gunpla of 2016
Training Exercise: YF-19
Toa Pohatu
Bionicle Makuta (MOC)
Attack on Jaburo (converge style)
Godzilla's waters
1/100 EB 05s Schwalbe Graze
Ichiko Sakura statue
Gundam Converge Photoshoot
World Wide Photography Day
Memories of Winter
Futayo Honda Horizon in Middle of no where
Sushi Break
Happy Easter!
Cliff Side Sniper
Evening photoshoot
Texas State Landscape Photoshoot
SD Guncannon Photoshoot
Gundam Astraea Photo Shoot
Nami shoot
Strike Witches Eila on patrol
Zeon Assault on EFGF