Gunpla of 2016

Happy New Years!
Okay just a few days late.
So a lot of things have happened over the past few weeks to a month. If you don't follow my FB page (shameless plug here). My camera pretty much died on me.

RIP Camera

So with that going on, I've been kind of out of job so to speak because of it, but I still have my back up and my phone camera so there is some hope. So as a tradition I do with my friends is that I upload a picture of all the Gunpla that I have done over the year. So this post is going to be about all the Gunpla from 2016 that I have worked with. So here we go!

Gunpla 2016
 Starting off the list with the 1/100 Graze Schwalbe from Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blodded Orphans. The model kit all and all is pretty good, but a bit lose in some places. The knee guards and arms pop out every now and then and the figure is a bit loose. But it still works and I still want to get a hold of the Graze Custom 1/100. Link to a Graze post here.
 Next is a custom! The FA-78-3 Full armor Gundam custom. This was the first custom I've done of the year. Nothing real special but I am super proud of this model. As for the model itself. The Full Armor is pretty well rounded and has great possibility. The only real complaint for the figure was that it did not come with beam sabers. Here is the link for this model.
 Next is the custom MSA-003 Nemo Ubiquitous. The Nemo was a custom based off of Seryu Ubiquitous from Akame Ga Kill. (I highly recommend that anime.) The Nemo is using the backpack of the Ez Arms booster kit from Gundam Build Fighters Try. I still need to get a hold of a Dog-guy for this. The only thing that I didn't like about this custom is that I lost a part and had to order a whole new Nemo.
Next we have a duel set. Now this was a Thanks giving break project. Using a Build MK II Gundam that I had laying around and another Mk II Gundam that I ordered with the Mega Launcher from Build Fighters Try, and a spare Mega Launcher from the Mega Shiki. So since this was just a what ever build I just was messing around with them. So here is Mk II Unit 1 and MK II Unit 2.

Last but not least, we have the Guncannon the First from Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin. Being a straight build I was able to unwind and just have fun with it. Now this kit has a bit of a flaw to it. Mostly in the arms. Other than that this kit was alright and really, you can't go wrong with The Origin.
Now that is all the gunpla that I worked on in 2016. Looking forward to 2017!

Happy new year everyone!

- Zeroconvoy