Ikkicon 2017

Hello all! Hope you are nice and warm when you're reading this. One post after another, kind of crazy but heck, I just really want to write this up. So Ikkicon came and went. I talked about it a bit in my post about the Who's that robot panel, but if you are not familiar with it, I'll go over it again.

Ikkicon is an anime convention in Austin Texas that I have attended for many years. It has become a tradition for me in some regard. More information on there site.

So this year I had a pretty good time, while I didn't get to do everything I wanted for reasons of I either forgot or couldn't. I did have fun. This year I went as an ODST from the game Halo 3 ODST. (picture later in post.)

The panels I went to, while not many were enjoyable. However I do have a complaint about the panel's schedule, I'm not sure if it was just me, and just having conflicting interests, but a lot of the panels that I wanted to go to seemed to start in the middle of another panel. So basically I could either drop out of a panel I was enjoying to go to another or miss a panel entirely. For instance, I missed the first half of the AMV Contest and all of the History of Toonami panel.

However, I did enjoy the Ani-battles: The Anime Debate Game, and the Lets Go To Tokyo panel.  As well the Cyperpunk panel was pretty fun, learned a lot about a genre I never really looked into.

Speaking of panels, the Who's that robot? panel went pretty well. Had a few audio issues with feedback from the mics. Other than that, the panel went pretty good. Wish I took a picture, darn.

The biggest thing I enjoyed, however, was seeing all the cosplays. While I didn't get to take as many photos as I wanted, I did take some.

(I'm the grey ODST to the left)

Sadly I lost my SMG by the end of the con.
The other great thing about the convention, I got to meet a few voice actors such as Luci Christian, and Greg Ayres. Here are there MAL profiles, in case you don't know who they voice. Luci, Greg. Getting their autographs was pretty awesome!

It was a tough call between who I wanted to get Luci to autograph, considering it was a choice between, Nami (One piece), Stella (Chivalry of a failed knight) and Birdy (Birdy the mighty decoded).

The gaming room was amazing! I never played DDR before, but holy crap, now I'm hooked! 

What would be a trip to a con without a trip to the dealer's room? There were a few things I really wanted, and I kind of regret not getting. But, I'm happy with the things I did pick up. 

A Ninja Fox from Anime Palace
A Rick Dias Gundam Standart
A tooth mask
Yoko Littner from the Yamato line!

And Finally! This was the first year I went to a closing ceremony at a convention. Every year, they have a raffle. I had a good amount of tickets. WELP GUESS WHAT WAS WON!

From the anime MobPsycho 100, a promotion piece of Arataka Reigen. This was the promotion piece from Funimation. This thing is massive!

It hardly fits in my room!

Here it is compared to the HG The Origin Guncannon Early type.

I'd also like to give a shout out to the Fire Bowl Cafe, they have some awesome food, and I found a new restaurant I'm going to stop by when I can.  Link here.

Had a good time at Ikkicon, got to catch up with some friends of mine. Met some new people and so on. While I do wish the schedule was more time friendly and I would have liked to gone to more panels. I had a great time.

Till the next con,

- Zeroconvoy