Nendoroid Spice and Wolf Holo

Hello! This week is a very special week! Why is it so special? Well, this week a pre-order came in. Not just any ordinary pre-order tho. Now if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or just read the title of the post, then you know what I’m talking about. The Spice and Wolf Holo Nendoroid from Good Smile Company.
            Now if you are like me, you have been waiting forever for a Holo figure. Basically, since the anime came out back in 2008. If you aren’t familiar with Spice and Wolf, allow me to fill you in. Spice and Wolf is a light novel turned anime. It follows the story of Lawrence a traveling merchant and his companion Holo, the goddess of the harvest. Together they travel around the land. A simple story, but worth the watch and read. I should one day really get cracking down on reading the novels. Anyways, let’s get on with the review! And before I go on, please excuse the quality of this review. It isn't on par with my other reviews, at least in my opinion. 

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Here is all the figure comes with.
1x Holo
1x Hat
1x Beer
1x Apple
4x Swappable arms
2x Faceplates
1x Stand

Here she is. So, I would like to point out that because of her tail, she is able to stand. Although I would not recommend displaying her like this. Please use her stand when you display her.

The included stand. 
For whatever reason maybe the adapter is too large or the hole on her back is too low. So be careful trying to put the figure on the stand. 

But here she is on the stand. 

Now let’s move on to articulation. Nendoroids aren’t known for articulation but Holo has a little bit more than the average Nendo.

Her head can rotate left and right. 

She can look up and down. 

The ears can rotate. 
 However, the left ear isn’t able to rotate fully just because of her hair.

Her default arms can rotate around.  As well her hands can rotate.

Her tail can move around with a ball joint in the skirt and a rotate on the tail itself.

Her legs have a fair amount of articulation, able to move forward and do some slight splits.

And last but not lease, the end of her belt can move around thanks to the ball joint like connector.

On to her accessories, well instead of going one by one, I’ll just show off different poses. A lazy method I know, but I feel it would be better to show off the combinations of what can be done rather than explain them.

Drunk Happy Holo + hat.

Drunk Proud Holo + hat.

Happy Hungry Holo with apple + hat.

Happy Holo with apple.

Happy Holo with mug.

And a few more general poses.

So, I bet you’re asking, what about the hat. Well the hat is very simple, just pop off both ears and plug the hat in on top. And don’t worry it won’t fall off.

So, as you can tell the detail on this figure is really well done. Even the mug has the wine she would be drinking inside it.

Here she is next to the other Nendos I own.

Let’s start wrapping up here.

Well, it is a Nendoroid, so you can’t really talk articulation like I normally do, however this one has a bit more articulation than your average Nendoroid. Now in terms of what she comes with, out of the three Nendoroids I have, she comes with the least. Now I’m going to be a bit bias on this because the lack of accessories is part the reason why I didn’t like the Aoi Nendoroid from Rail Wars. What I’m saying is, I’m a Spice and Wolf fan and I have been waiting forever on this figure. 

But I’m not saying this figure does not have its share of faults. I have already gone over the difficulty of putting her on the stand, but she also has a, more of an annoyance. Her little bag she keeps around her neck isn’t attached to anything, and is being held in place by her head. If you take her head off the piece will just slide right off. I feel they could of done something a bit different here but honestly I’m not sure what they would of done.

I would of also loved to have maybe a few more faceplates. I like the ones I have but I feel that a pouty or angry face would of been a good addition to her. 

This figure has such a cheerful and warm look to it, and it may just be me but I can’t help but enjoy this figure. Now there were two versions of this figure. If you pre-ordered from Good Smile company directly, you would have gotten a coin from the anime. However I did not and went with HLJ for a few reasons, nothing against Good Smile Company, but store credit takes priority here.
Over all, this was a fun and cute figure and I highly recommend her for anyone who was a fan of Spice and Wolf, and if you aren’t well get her for she may be one of the few Nendoroids that can stand up on her own.

I just will never get over how cute she is!

Alright, until next time, this has been Zeroconvoy.