Figuarts Zero Nami Ver. Milky Ball

Hello again! Well it looks like we are at the end of summer, yet it is still hot. At the time of this review it is currently. 82 degrees in the dead of night with a high of 100 the next day. So why not beat the heat with a nice pirate. Presenting Tamashii Nations Figuarts ZERO Nami Ver. Milky Ball.

So the box itself is a very nice design of blue with white clouds on it. 

The inside of the box. 

All that she comes with.

Here she is, with wrapper and all.

Guncannon is here to help remove the wrapper.

Here is the base figure.

She is able to stand with out pulling her into the provided base. 

As for details on the figure itself, she has a cloud from her Clima-Tact on her leg. She has nice shading for the darker parts of her jeans and her heel sandals stand out very well. The color separation here is really well done. 

Her upper half is very detailed. They did a great job at showing off her assets and providing an excellent head sculpt. The colors do stand out too and the designs on her bikini top are very eye catching. 

On both sides of her jeans are a what I believe to be sunglasses. Although on the side with the cloud it is hard to tell. But on this side, you can see them clearly. 

This arm, in particular, is very well detailed from the navigation watch to her tattoo. Both stand out and are very noticeable.  

Next is her hair, she has a hair band that makes the pony tail. Her hair is in a wavy action as if the wind is blowing. It also fades into a clear orange color, which I always appreciate. 

Let's take a look at her accessories next. 
The first major accessory she has is the cloud effect parts from her Clima-Tact. Each part is a greyish white color and very in lenght. 

Then we have the Clima-Tact it self.

Next is a very decorated base. 

Finally we have the clear stands that hold up the cloud effect parts and Nami. 

Also we have the instructions on how to assemble her together. 

Here she is fully assembled. 

Here are some shots from all around. 

-       Very detailed
-       Great post
-       Great effect parts
-       Overall nice figure to look at
-       Clima-Tact is a bit stubborn to get in her hands.
-       The clear stands are mandatory.
-       Some of the cloud effect parts are difficult to snap together.

Overall, the figure is good. I really like the look and the time they took for the detail. The overall quality of this figure is very high. The clear hair color is a good highlight. The Clima-Tact on its own is a bit bland but with the effect parts, it makes a very cool action pose. While it has a bit of a busy look, if posed right or in a place that really shows off the action pose, it will look great on your shelf.

Just don’t make her mad...

- Zeroconvoy