Sega Kantai Collection: Jintsuu Kai Ni

Hello here with a new review! So this one will be short but it is well worth it. The Jintsuu Kai Ni from Kantai Collection.

Here is the full review but if you want just a quick look keep scrolling on down.

Now on to the figure. So right off the bat, no articulation. It is a statue, but a very nice and detailed looking one.

 She has a nice blend of white and orange on her outfit. The black does a good job at breaking up the white.
 The hair flows in a really nice. Makes a perfect emulation of wind blowing.  Also, her bow does a real nice job at completing her look. The face sculpt is very sharp and does a great job at capturing the game.
The stockings are detailed to look softer and the black binds do a good job at showing it off.
The back of the skirt lifts up to go along with the wind effect that she is emulating.
The weapons are detailed and don't get in the way. They did a good job at showing off her full armaments without having any balance issues or part swapping. (or breaking)

The missiles add a nice touch with the painted warheads. As well the mini guns on the arm are just adorable.
Very last are the shoes and stand. The shoes do a good job at showing the bottom of the boat and the stand itself is blue, which emulates the water.

Overall I really do love this figure. The detail and color separation is really good. All the accessories and weapons are already part of it. The stand makes it look like she is in combat in the ocean. I recommend this figure!

- Zeroconvoy