Banpresto Dragon Ball Z Frieza's space ship

Hello everyone! Here with another review. Today I'm looking at Banpresto's Frieza's space ship from Dragon Ball Z. So first thing first here is the link to the video.
So lets go a head and talk about the ship.

As you can see the detail of the ship is pretty good. Looks just like out of the anime.
The metallic blue is very nice and is a shinny eye catch. As well the different shades of blue really draw the attention to the main bubble window.
The brown segmented panel does a good job at breaking the monotony of the white. and the patter with the yellow and blue around the site really makes it look like the anime.
On the top is the hatch that Frieza and his men would fly out of. It doesn't open tho.
Next are the legs. 

The legs do not open. They do not close. They are as is. Which is a bummer to me because well, its always in landing gear mode. It would of been nice if they could of folded in or if they were removable and you could have a stand for space mode. But I guess with the landing gear out is more iconic.
The bottom is not as detailed. It does show you what the bottom of Frieza's ship looks like, but it isn't anything really worth seeing.

Its a dead bug.

Final thoughts.
While as cool as it is to have Frieza's ship, which I thought for the longest time was nothing more than a prop at the hobby show, I am a bit disappointed. It is really nothing more than a statue. You can't tuck away the landing gear, or remove it at all. The hatch doesn't open and it just kind of sits there. But I can't really say what I'd expect, I guess just some more play-ability. If you watched the un-boxing in the video, you'll see it has a lot of figures that go with it. The ship comes with none, just the ship. I wish in exchange for the play-ability they would of given a figure. Be it a Frieza solider or Frieza himself.
Out side of that, I will say that it was pretty cool to have. The ship was one of my favorite things about DBZ and is very iconic. I'm glad to have it, flaws and all.

- Zeroconvoy