Asuka C Style (Evangelion)

Hello! Here with a quick review. Today we have the Asuka C Style from the Evangelion Rebuild movies. Here is the link for the review where I go into more depth. As well here is a link to a photo-shoot with Asuka.

Now here is a quick run down of the figure.

The figure comes in different parts which is easy to assemble. The only part that is articulate on the figure is the head being mounted on a ball joint.

Outside of what is included here, she can plug into the Rei and Kaworu to make a complete set. The set also comes with the visor to her helmet. Rei and Kaworu come with the other parts to said helmet.
Sorry if this review is a bit lacking, again I'm kind of rushing it, but the video review does it in more depth so please watch that to get a better idea of this figure.
Its a small figure so the pros and cons will be pretty fast.

  • Cute
  • Clear orange hair 
  • articulation in the neck
  • The stand is a bit plain.
So that is that for this statue. A short review but to the point. I do recommend it for any Asuka or Eva fan.

- Zeroconvoy