Anime Austin 2017

Hey everyone! Got back from Anime Austin! If you don't know what Anime Austin is, it is a small Anime convention in Austin Texas. They are also a young con only going on for two years so far. Here is a link for them.

Back on topic. Anime Austin was pretty fun. Saw some amazing cosplays. Only regret I have is I should of taken pictures. Also I ran the panel, Who's that Robot? Which has one amazing turn out! I really can't wait to run it again.

Lastly here are a few pictures of some loot I bought.

First off are two Gundam Gashipon figures.
The Dom and Re-Gz

Next is the Converge Geara Doga.

And last we have a Robotech wall scroll. And the only reason I got it was because I like Misa Hayase.
I'll be sure to update you guys later on when the wall scroll is up.

But that is that for Anime Austin. Can't wait for next year.

- Zeroconvoy