Nendoroid Akashi Kai

Hello again! Here with another review! Today looking at the Nendoroid Akashi Kai. In the past I wasn't really too impressed with the Nendoroid line. (Click here to see the previous Nendroid review.) But with this Nendroid, and me being a fan of Kantai Collection, has changed my mind. So lets take a crack at this one.

First and foremost, here is the in-depth review.
Now for the rundown.
The first thing we are going to look at are the faces of Akashi.

The first face we have is the standard face, where she gives off a smile. 
 The next is the busy face. 
 Then the curious face. 
 One of the first accessories is a white ribbon that goes onto a peg on the back of her head. The bow has an effect of being blown in the wind. On a side note I forgot to mention the white headband is part of the ribbon, but it is two parts, the white headband part goes under the hairline. It is an optional part but I just forgot to take it out.

Next we have the hand held accessories. Just like all Nendoroids, she has interchangeable limbs for different poses. She will be demonstrating that though out the remainder of this post, so starting off the the wrench. 

"Time to get some work done." She also comes with some blueprints.
I'm not entirely sure what this is, but I think it is the thing that ignites a blow torch.

 Speaking of blow torch, we also get a welding mask! Which personally I think is the coolest thing about this figure.
And finally...THE BLOW TORCH!
"Time to fix up this boat."

 She also comes with a tool box and welding equipment. The tool box does not open.
Next lets equip the boat armor that our little repair girl has been fixing up.
It mounts onto a peg on the back, and in the review I may of stated what a pain in the butt it was to put on. If not, I'll tell you here. It was a pain in the butt to put on. But here it is. Akashi outfitted with her boat armor.

She's guns blazing with this nice effect part.

  • Play ability in the armor. 
  • Well articulated. 
  • Lots of accessories. 
  • For a decent price.
  • An effect part.
  • Very cute. 
  • Peg is a pain in the butt. 
  • A bit hard to get parts to line up.  
  • only one effect part. 
So, let see, I started off the review saying I wasn't really impressed with the Nendoroid line. But this figure has definitely changed my mind. All the articulation in not just the figure but also the boat armor. The little gimmicks in the armor is pretty awesome. The effect part just makes my day. The figure herself is not that bad either. The part swapping works and she just has so much going on with her that I couldn't put it down. So I really do recommend this figure.

- Zeroconvoy