Sega Kantai Collection: Kancolle: Akagi Premium Figure

Hello Hello Hello!
Boy it sure has been a long time hasn't it. Well here I am with a review. But first a quick explanation. I've been laying low lately for reasons of being busy and, I still don't have a proper camera. So these next few reviews will be very experimental. As well no telling when the next photoshoot will be. With that said, let us begin the review!

Check out the video/more in depth review here: Akagi review


The detail work on the flight deck is very well done. The color separation with the white lines really brings out the details of the flight deck.

The face has a real soft feel to it. The checks are round and in no way pointy what so ever. Making the statue feel more like the actual character.

The figure does come with a few accessories.
The first being the stand.
The arrows, which need to have stickers applied.
Lastly the bow.
Important to note about the bow. It comes in two parts and is meant to be assembled with a string to emulated the actual bow and arrow. Sadly I broke the bow in half trying to get the string in. While the bow does have a bit of give, it isn't enough to handle the string.
At the time of the review, I was using electrical tape to hold the bow together, but I soon found out that she can hold the bow even if it is busted.

  • The figure is very well detailed.
  • The stand is nice and flat, no balance issues. 
  • All accessories are on the figure. 
  • The bow and arrow is very tricky to assemble.  
Over all the figure is pretty good. tho I do feel it is a bit sub par with other statues similar to this. That in mind it may be the pose, if it were more of an action pose I may enjoy it a bit more. Outside of the bow issue, the figure looks great and I recommend it to any Kancolle fans out there.

- Zeroconvoy