Shinkansen Transformation Robo Shinkalion E6 Komachi

Hello and welcome! Today we are looking at a figure that I've been putting off for a while and I'm sorry for that. Its the Shinkansen Transformation Robo Shinkalion E6 Komachi from Takara Tomy. Now I'm not sure where exactly this came from. I've seen a commercial for it once but that was about it.
Here is the link to the video.

So first thing first, lets look at the box.
(Also please excuse the quality of the pictures, I'm experimenting with a different camera so it will be a while until things are back to normal.)

The box shows the animation model of the figure (as from the advert) and the basic transformation from the train to the robot. A clear cut away to see the train car and a mid transformation mode. Just from the box itself it looks real nice and very eye catching.

The contents of the box include the figure, instructions, stickers and some flyers. For the purposes of this review, the figure does not have any stickers on it. It is as is out of the box.

Now onto the figure itself.

Everything you need for the figure is here. You get three train cars. Two conductor cars and one passenger car. Each one has a good amount of detail on them. Complaints being tho that it isn't as high detail as say a transformer or and the transformation kind of breaks the train mode design. The white line on the car on the right does bug me. 

The cars can connect together which does look good, but my only complaint with the links that hold the train together is that one they are just there. They aren't really secure an kind of dangle. Two I'm honestly scared that hooking and unhooking the train a lot will break the connectors off. But other than that they do good at keeping the train together. I'm sure on a train track it would be pretty stable and work perfectly.

After the transformation, (to see the transformation, see the video review). Here is the mid transformation mode.

The rest of the transformation is pretty automatic. A button on the torso transforms the arms, legs and head. While you still have to unfold the feet and the forearms.

The robot mode itself is alright.

The robot mode is alright. The first thing I would like to say is that the connectors between the train cars are nearly out of the way. Nearly, the one on the arm is still a bit in the way. As for the general look of the robot, the front is good, but the proportions are just pretty bad. I feel bad saying that because this is from Takara Tomy, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that because this isn't a Transformer and is more of an experimental line, with that in mind I'm not going to be to harsh on it, but still its a bit of a let down. Articulation wise, it isn't all that great either. the bulk of the articulation comes from the arms. Outside of being able to move the shoulders up and down at an angle the arms are pretty articulate. The neck can't move and neither can the waist. The legs are two solid bricks out side of what is needed from the transformation. Really it is like a G1 figure from the bottom half and a early to mid 2000s transformer figure for the top half.
The back side on the other hand is very grey. None of the color really shows up but I guess that is to be expected being the underside of a train.

The transformation to the robot consists of both conductor cars. The passenger car has nothing to do with the transformation. It is in fact the weapons holder.
The two guns are able to fold out and they look good, but you can add stickers to it. The guns can fit inside the passengers car. The car has tons of slots, so as long as they fit.
The guns have two ways of connecting, but really they fit in almost every slot.
The first way is in the hands.
 The other way is on the shoulders.

The shoulder method is a bit odd, but it works.

The head design I really do like. The goggle like things on the head are pretty cool and really adds to the whole gun and cannon weapons system.

The Pros and cons to this figure.
  • The figure is pretty big. Twice as tall as a standard deluxe class transformer. 
  • The design is pretty unique and cool.
  • The arms are articulated. 
  • It is sturdy.
  • Able to stand on its own.
  • Gimmick for transformation

  • No articulation in the legs.
  • Proportions are way off. 
  • The connectors for the trains are loose. 
Overall the figure is alright. It is a cool figure in concept and as much as I do like it, and the cons being less than the pros. The limited articulation and the proportions are what kill it for me. On the flip side there are gimmicks to this figure that I can not cover such as swapping out the arms and the legs for with other figure in this line. As well an add on set for the main figure itself. In one point of view tho, I'm glad this is one that comes with guns. It makes the brick legs seem much less of an issue seeing that is is gunning down its enemies.

In the end, pass on it if you aren't really into it.

- Zeroconvoy