Robot Tamashii Tallgeese

Hello everyone! Time to talk about a geese, not just any geese, but a Tallgeese! (Don't judge me.)
So anyways, I got a hold of the Robot Tamashii Tallgeese and honestly it is a pretty good figure.
Here is the full review of the figure.
But over all here are the general points.
The figure has amazing articulation. i feel that, that alone is the saving grace of this figure. Outside of that the white doesn't look that good to me, and the accessories while numerous I feel a bit cheated for we only are given one beam saber instead of two, while the figure comes with two beam saber hilts in the shield. Comparing it to say the Leo, the figure is amazing and is one heck of a step above. The head articulation and the sturdiness makes for a great figure.

- Zeroconvoy