Revoltech LR-32 Evangelion Unit-02

Hello everyone! Its that time again for a new review! Today I'm taking a look at the Revoltech Evangelion Unit-02. This is a Legacy of Revoltech figure, which means it is a reissue of an older figure. With that aside, lets dive into this review.

Starting off lets take a look at the box itself. This is being a Legacy of Revoltech figure, the box is different than the standard revoltech boxes.

Lets open the box!

Here is everything on the inside.

Quick side note, you will have to take apart the figure to remove all the plastic.
Now lets look at the figure itself.

Here are some close ups of the figure itself.

 The figure has nice details and colors, the red is really broken up thanks to the yellow and black.
 The back has a nice green color to it.
  The thrusters have a very nice metallic black compared to the other gloss black.
The white on the top of the thruster packs are very nice and the red does a great job offsetting it. 
 The over all body is broken up in a way that isn't two overwhelming of any of the primary colors.
Lets move on to the articulation.
The arm and move at 360.
 The shoulder armor can move thanks to the joint that is used to connect it to the body.

 The arm can move at the elbow to a pretty far degree, thanks to the revoltech joint.
 The head is also on a joint allowing it to move at a 360 degree.

 As well it can look down.

 The back is outfitted with joints, allowing the torso to move around quite a bit.

 As well the body can move back about this far before it loses balance.
 As well this forward.
 The legs can move up this far.
 It can also extend out to the side by about this far.
 It can also go back about this far.
 The knee can bend by this far.
 The foot can bend down this far.
 The toes can also bend upward.
Here is the figure with out the thurster shoulders. 
 This figure also comes with the standard equipment for Unit 02. First off the figure's arms that it comes with are the ones for the thruster armor. So to swap the arms, first the arms need to be removed.
 Then the hands need to be removed from the arms themselves. A bit of a warning, the hands do get stuck so they are kind of hard to remove, but they are removable.
 Oddly enough the arm on the right is the armor that comes with the thruster equipment, for some reason I have three of the standard arms and only one of the optional one.
Here are the hands plugged into the standard arms. 
 Here are they arms plugged into Unit 02.
Here are the standard shoulders for Unit 02.  

The articulation did not change even tho the shoulders are swapped. The figure may even be more articulated without the optional armor.

Going on to the accessories that this figure comes with, we have a plethora of hands.
We have open hands. 
 Trigger hands.
 Closed fists.
 Open palms.
 Thumbs up.
 And clenching.
The gun that the figure comes with is pretty cool.

 You have to use the trigger hands for the gun.
 It actually works out pretty well.

We also get two daggers.
Again, they also use the trigger fingers. 

It wouldn't be an EVA with out the plug now would it?
The plug comes coiled up in a nice way that I don't ever thing I'll be able to return it to. 
 It unfolds pretty long.
 There is a slot on the back of the Eva for the plug, this slot is not for the standard stand.

 It is pretty long.
We also get the angel core.
 It has markings for the daggers.
 It can also be kicked by plugging it into the food on Unit 02.
To reenact the entry scene from 2.22 when Unit 2 comes falling in from the sky, we get a stand that has parts of the seventh Angel itself in its design. First off we get these spike like fins.
 The clear blue stand parts.
 Here is the base of the stand assembled.
 Here it is with the seventh angel's parts placed in.
 Here is how Unit 2 attaches to the stand itself.
 You can also have Unit 2 curl into a ball.
Here is the video of the stand in action. 
Here is the standard revoltech stand.

Here are some extra parts that come with the figure that honestly I'm not really sure what they are for. 
 Although I will say that using the extra parts does give the 7th's angel's core a stand.
With the core on the stand, you can easily put the daggers into it. 
 Also pull of the pose of when Unit 2 is taking on the angel.

 Now lets take a minute to compare it to other figures.
Starting with a comparison to the HG Bandai model of Evangelion Unit 02. Outside the difference in design, the revoltech is smaller but has much more to offer, although it is a bit more pricey than the bandai model it does hold together more.
 Here is a quick comparison to the Portirats F Asuka from the rebuilt movies.
 And finally a comparison to the full drillized Gurren Laggan revolteh. Gurren Laggan is much smaller than Unit 02 but is way more articulated. This is comparing two different figures but it does show a size comparison and a general difference between the two designs.

Time for the pros and cons of this figure. 

  • The figure is very articulated. 
  • It has a very nice amount of accessories. 
  • Very well detailed. 
  • Tons of play-ability. 
  • The stand is pretty awesome. 
  •  The jet pack shoulder armor is finicky, as well as the standard should armor. 
  • The figure can be a bit too articulate. 
  • The angel's core is a bit confusing on where to mount on a stand. 
  • The back has a loose flap of plastic that it may not be a issue but it looks a bit loose.
Well that is about it, thanks for dropping by.

- Zeroconvoy