YF-19 Macross Plus (Yamato)

Hello and welcome, today I will be looking at the YF-19 from Macross Plus. This figure just like the previous VF-11B (Click here for review) was made by Yamato. Lets go a head and start the review with the box tour.

Lets take a look at the figure itself. 

This figure has some very nice detail work. 
The markings on the shoulder are very well defined. 
As well the well defined barrel guns under the torso. 
The UN Spacy logo is halfway covered, but it does look pretty good. 
The back pack it self, is a bit longer than say the revoltech version, it also hinders the waist articulation, but it does look good. 
Going on to the articulation. 
The arm is on a ball joint, allowing it to move nearly any direction with out getting hindered. 

There is a little flap on the side of the shoulder that has some articulation. 

The arm can rotate, but not much. 

The elbow can move about this far.
The fist is also on a ball joint. Allowing it to move at a 360 degrees. 
The articulation at the hip is limited due to the backpack coming down low, but it can swivel.

As well the upper body can move

The leg can move up this far.
It can bend this far down.
It also has a bit of an issue not being able to bend fully back. So one would have to reset the legs and bend them from the lower half but not at the knee cap.
The feet are on a ball joint, but do to the armor, they can swivel left to right and back and forth.

The wings on the side are attached by a ball joint. They can swing around in every direction.
The head can move around at a 360 degree, and can look in every direction.
 The head antenna can move up and down.
The figure comes with a fair amount of hands.
Starting with the two closed fists.
Two open fists.
And a trigger hand.
Going off of the trigger hand, we have the gun pod.

The last accessory the YF-19 comes with is the shield. The hard point for the shield is a ball shaped hole in the right arm.
The shield has a ball point connector.
Because of the ball joint, the shield can rotate.
As for a size comparison, here is the YF-19 Yamato figure next to the VF-11 from the same line.
Here is the YF-19 Yamato figure next to the Revoltech Yamato figure. The Yamato figure is much taller than the Revoltech one.

Lets go on into the pros and cons.

  • Sturdy figure
  • Tall
  • Articulated
  • Nice details
  • The legs can not bend properly at the knees. 
  • The knee cap can fall off.
  • The thighs can split in half, but they can be easily fixed by pushing them back together. 
  • The head is a bit loose. 
As for my final thoughts, the YF-19 Yamato figure is actually real good, and I do enjoy playing around with it. It is simple and straight to the point. This Yamato line has been real good with a few kinks here and there, but nothing so far as for me not to recommend the line to anyone. While the joints do become loose over time with excessive play, they still hold strong. The only complaint I have with the YF-19 is the legs. The VF-11 was a much more possible figure, but this figure due to the odd way the legs are build, it limits its articulation from the high standard that the YF-11 made. But still, I do recommend picking this one up if you want a to the point figure.

- Zeroconvoy