Robot Tamashii Leo Space Type

Hey everyone! Here again with a new review! So today's review is of the Robot Tamashii Leo Space Type from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. So lets go a head and kick it off! Starting off with the box tour!

Lets go a head and open the box.
Here is the overview of what you get with the figure.
Lets go a head and look at the figure itself.
Side and side

Going on to articulation, the arms can extend out about this far.
The arms can move at a 360 degrees.
The elbow can bend this far.
As well the forearm can rotate around.
The body can move in the mid section forward and backward.
As well it can rotate to the hip left and right.
The front of the skirt can move up.
As well the side skirts can move to a point.
The legs can extend out this far.
As well bend down this far.
And as well bend back this far!
(I forgot to say this for the Leo Flight type review, but both figures have the same exact amount of articulation)
The feet can point down.
And rotate side to side.
The shoulder armor can move around the shoulder.
Moving on to what the Leo comes with.

Starting off, the Leo has two closed fists.
One opened fist and one pinching fist.
Moving on to what makes this Leo unique to the other Leo is the Space back itself.

The backpack attaches to the back of the Leo.
The back pack also has some articulation for the thrusters.
 As well the Leo comes with a weapon holder that attaches to the shoulder.
The gun attaches to the holder to be on standby. As well the Leo Space type gun is a different type of gun than the Leo Flight type came from.
Comparing the Space type to the Flight Type.

Now going over the pros and cons to this figure. 


  • The figure is very articulated and very sturdy. 
  • The armor does not fall off.
  • The paint application is much better than the flight type. 
  • The backpack does not mount properly, it can easily pop off. 
  • The left are is too sturdy.  

So over all this figure is pretty good. It is very sturdy and on its own it is pretty nice. Although unlike the flight type the space type does not have much play value. The flight type comes with a fair amount of accessories that give it a more filled out look. The Space type even with the backpack just looks a bit ordinary, even more generic than the flight type. At the same time, what makes this figure work is that the backpack makes it feel more, streamline. I think if it came with a little bit more of accessories I would enjoy it just a bit more. As well I wish the pegs in the back would line up a bit more for it to fit properly.

Would I suggest this figure. Really it is up to you, but in my opinion I do enjoy it, just try to find it at a good price.

Until next time.

- Zeroconvoy