#03 FRAULEIN REVOLTECH Gurren Lagann Otoko Do-ahou! Yoko Littner Sailor Ver.

Hey everybody! It is that time again! Lets get started!
Today, I'm actually bringing you an exclusive figure! Something that I normally don't get a hold of quite to often. Today I have the Fraulein Revoltech, Gurren Lagann Otoko Do-ahou! Yoko Littner Sailor Ver.  I ordered this from the good people at Hobby Link Japan. As well upon checking to see if this figure is still in stock, well it is listed as discontinued. Either way lets kick off the review. Right off the bat one major difference between this figure and other Yoko Littner Fraulein Revoltech figures is that, this one comes in a school girl sailor uniform, rather than the standard bikini outfit she wears in the anime. The school girl uniform comes from the spin off manga Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Gurren Gakuen-hen, which is a parallel setting that takes place in a school time setting, rather than the setting of the anime.

Okay, now for the actual review. Starting off with the box tour.



Now for the unboxing.
Here is everything you get right out of the box.
Lets take a look at the figure itself.


Going onto articulation.
The arm can extend this far.

The elbow can bend about this far.

As well the wrist can bend about this far.
The waist can rotate around side to side.

The legs can extend out this far.
It can also bend about this far.
The food can rotate and point down to a point some what.

The pony tail actually does have some articulation as well, thanks to the joint that is located here.
The head can rotate left and right, as well up and down.

Moving on to accessories, she comes with many different hands.
She also comes with an alternate face. A more angry face.
She also comes with an alternate hair piece that has her shooting glasses.
She also comes with her signature Sniper Rifle. The sniper does have a gun strap, but when I tried to use it, I was honestly scared it was going to break. So not sure how to get it to go over her shoulder, let alone across her chest.
She as well has her kickstand.
 One for not in use.
And one for in use.
Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to get her to be in a laying down sniping position. I honestly do thing that it is because of her hair.
 So, one of the things you can do is remove her skirt.
You as well get a very detailed shot of her panties.

Now she is angry!
In addition to the skirt, you can also remove her scarf. I honestly thing she looks better with out it.
Moving on, she also comes with a stand. Fraulein stands have there name on them. Which I think is a very nice touch.
The stand fully complete.
Here she is up on her stand.
Now for a comparison with another Fraulein figure, another Ginax girl, Asuka, from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Now with the robot that can pierce the heaves itself! Gurren Laggan, Full Drillized ver.
This figure being a special figure comes with a Manga. Volume 3 of the spin off manga Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Gurren Gakuen-hen. The manga is in Japanese.
Over all, the figure is pretty good. I was actually a bit worried to get this figure for in my experience with Fraulein figures is that they sometimes have balance issues or very loose parts. This figure on the other hand does not have that issue. I was really surprised about that. So lets go over the pros and cons.

  • Sturdy
  • Well Balanced
  • Nice play ability.
  • Very well detailed. 
  • Comes with a Manga.
  • The head sculpt looks a bit odd to me.   
  • The outfit looks good, but not able to see the fire bikini as the box art shows.
  • Not sure if the gun strap can actually be used.
So that is about it, I really do enjoy this figure. 
- Zeroconvoy