GM Converge 17 R (reissue)

Hello again! Today I have yet another Converge to show you. Unlike the previous Gundam Converge figures, this one is a reissue. Odd that there would be reissues in such a line, but I guess they are that popular. So lets kick things off with the review.

Box Tour

Unlike other Gundam Converges, and the original GM Converge, this one has a yellow R on its box. This R is saying that this is the Reissue version. I do not own the original GM Converge so I am not sure what all the reissue version has to offer that the original Gm Converge doesn't, or vise versa. For the sake of this review, we are just going to be looking at the Reissue GM Converge.


Time for the unboxing!
Everything we get with the figure laid out here.
Lets start with the GM itself.

The GM's beam spray gun.

The GM's shield.

Finally the GM's stand.
Looking at the GM fully assembled.

As for articulation.

The GM move its arms up ward to a point.
Unlike some Converge figures, this GM can not really move its head. As well the and with the beam spray gun and rotate and the shield can rotate somewhat.

As for a size comparison to the GM Cannon Converge.
As well to the GM from the Build Gundam Model line.

Time for the Pros and Cons of this figure.


  • Decently sized. 
  • Nice paint and metallic colors where needed. 
  • Can stand without stand. 
  • Able to move arms. 
  • Not able to rotate closed fist. 
  • Not able to move head fully.
 Over all it is a standard Converge, and like the previous Converge figures I've reviewed, each one has its own over all pros and cons, but each one still does a good job at being a nice little figure. This GM being no exception, and after all it is a Converge, don't expect it to be an amazingly articulate figure. It does hold up better than other Converge figures (the Rick Dias). So that has been my review of the GM Converge, thanks for stopping by.

- Zeroconvoy