Armor Girls Project Charlotte Dunois

Happy late new years to everyone! The holidays sure can be hectic, but I'm here with another review. Today I am looking at the Armor Girls Project or AGP Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos. The AGP figures are made by bandai, so they are pretty good, but they aren't exactly Goodsmile company quality, but they are pretty nice. Now lets start the review.

Starting off with the box itself. 

Now for the unboxing.
Here is a layout of what you get with the figure.

Starting off with the main figure, Charlotte Dunois.

Front view
Side view
Back view

Moving on to the articulation.

The arms are able to move up about this far.

The elbows can bend about this far.

The wrist are able to rotate at 360 degrees.

The head is able to turn, but because of the hair, the head won't be able to move far.

The waist can move side to side and rotate around.

The leg can stretch out this far.

It can also bend at the knee about this far.

The ankle can rotate somewhat, but not as well as one would think.

Moving on to the accessories.

Starting off with the different heads that she comes with.
First of all, the heads are a different style than say a Figma head. It is a full head and all you do is remove the hair and swap heads instead of just swapping the face.

She comes with three different style heads. A happy face with the eyes closed. An embarrassed face. And an angry face.

As well, she comes with an optional hair piece.

She also comes with many different hands.

One thing she came with was a massive gun.

The major issue with the gun is that, this particular figure can not hold it at all. You need to get the AGP Rafael Revive Custom II and Charlotte Dunios figure to actually use this gun.
As you can see this makes Charlotte very unhappy.

She also has panties...

Also her skirt has a rubbery material that can fold up.
Also on the back side.

... I guess I shouldn't of done that. Sorry.

Here is a size comparison with the AGP  Gertrude from Strike Witches.

One of the major complaints I have with this figure is that when moving her arms around, the shoulders can become dislocated and comes out of place really easy.
Over all the figure is actually a lot better than the Gertrude figure. There are definitely pros and cons with this figure.
The pros
  • Sturdy
  • Well detailed
  • Able to stand well
  • Articulated
  • Decently sized 
The cons
  • Hard to swap heads
  • Shoulder can become dislocated easily
  • Not much playability
  • Can not hold the gun 
  • Limited faces
  • Needs the other Charlotte Dunois figure to work get the full play value.

Over all, the figure is nice, just the only real major complain I have is that this figure does not have any way to use the gun, and it needs to have the other more expensive set to work properly. So, would I recommend this figure, no, I honestly wouldn't. If it weren't for coming across this figure at a good price I would of not bought it. Granted I do not know about this particular one, but I do believe that the Figure Arts Zero figure may be a better choice, it is a statue, but really it does come with a more presentable design and does not give you half of the playability.

That is all for this review, thanks for stopping by!

- Zeroconvoy