Gundam Converge #97 Zakrello

Greetings everyone, today I bring you not another photoshoot, but this time a review. Today's review is the Gundam Converge #97 Zakrello. Originally appearing in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam, (the original anime), this mobile armor was one of the many adversaries the crew of the white base had to face during the shows original run.

To check out the video review, click here.

Now looking at the box of the Converge, the box is pretty standard for a Gundam Converge figure.
We have the front with the box.
 The side of the box.
The back of the box.

Now time for the un-boxing.
Looking at what we get inside the box itself.
We get two claws.

Parts to a clear stand.

And the Zakrello itself.
After the short assembly process, the Zakrello is actually a very nice looking figure.
Front view
Side view

Back view
As with most Converge figures, the Zakrello is extremely detailed. From the detailed sculpt to the cannon in its mouth...
And its emblem on its arm.
As for articulation, both arms can move 360 degrees.
As well the swords can rotate around in a clock wise manner.

A size comparison with the Gundam Converge Rx-78-2
And a bit of action.
Final thoughts on this figure, just like any Converge figure, this one has amazing detail in a cute chibi form. Although what makes this one stand out more than the others is that unlike other converges where the arms are all that are articulated, in this case it is just the arms, no legs, just like the actual Zakrello from the anime. Making this figure a very nice representation to the Zakrello from the anime, which to me makes this figure worth the purchase.
Thank you for stopping by.
- Zeroconvoy