Nami DXF Grandline Lady by Banpresto

Hello everyone, today I am taking a look at Nami from the film, One Piece Film Z. This figure is brought to you by Banpresto. For a more in depth review, check out my video review of the figure here.

Kicking off the review with the box tour.

                                                                      Front of box.
                                                                       Back of box.
Side of box.

Opening the box. 
After opening the box, I am actually surprised to see that the figure needs to be assembled. It is broken up into
 Going over the parts, we have the Bazooka.
Upper body
Lower half
And stand
Starting with the Bazooka, it is wood colored with a bronze like gold around the edge and areas in the body, as well on the barrel of the weapon. It is very shinny as if it were coated with a flat coat.
The back side of the bazooka has a whole where it attaches to the back of Nami.
The upper body is the bulk of Nami, it has the chest armor, swords, hardhat and her outfit with the backpack as well. The lower half of her is a peg that is what attaches to her lower half, as well on the back are pegs that attach to the bazooka.
The lower half, are just primarily legs, nothing much really going on with them, it is very detailed,and has a slot where the upper half plugs into the body.
The only thing about the legs is that they have two pegs, one on each foot, these pegs make it impossible for the figure to stand on its own, therefore making the stand a necessity.
The stand itself has two slots that line up with the pegs on the bottom of the feet.
After assembly, we have the full figure.

Over all the figure is really well detailed, and is pretty nice, it is sturdy and holds together nice.

I really do recommend this figure.