Robot Spirits Tamashii Nations Leo (Flight Type)

Hello, it’s me, Zeroconvoy! It’s been a long while since I last updated this blog but, nevertheless, here I am. Let’s get started.

Today we are taking a look at the Robot Spirits Tamashii Nations Leo (Flight Unit Type) from Bandai. 

Starting with the box tour, the front of the box (See above) has a clear cut away to see the Leo itself and the flight unit that attaches to it. The name of the anime (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing) and the number of the figure in the line (152) are found here.  

Going on with the rest of the box tour: The side of the box...

…and the back of the box.

The back of the box shows off features of the Leo that you cannot do unless you buy the Bandai Tamashii Nations Leo Option set. The only ones that you should pay attention to are the one in the front and the one in the far back. 

Let’s open up the box itself.

With the box opened, you can get a clear look at all of the parts that the Leo comes with. (Not pictured: instructions)  

Looking at the Leo itself…

The Leo is primarily green with black shoulders and feet, grey joints, silver and red around the head, and a yellow camera.

Articulation wise, the Leo can move its arms a full 360 degrees.

The arms can move out about this far.

The arms can rotate 360 degrees.  

The elbow can bend up this far.  

The mid-section of the Leo can bend like so. 

The knee can bend this far.

The leg itself can stretch out this far. 

As well, both legs can go this far to the side.

The foot can bend this much.

And the foot can swivel like so.

The Leo cannot move its head at all but would be able to with the extra optional pack. As the saying goes, I’ve never seen a Leo moves its head in the anime.

Moving on to the accessories…

You get three hands in addition to the closed fists already attached. (From left to right.) Right semi-open hand, Right holding hand, and left holding hand.

The gun

Fuel tanks for the flight pack.


And the Flight unit pack itself.





And finally, the stand peg and gun holster.

The hands work as one would expect; by popping off the attached ones on the arms and plugging in the ones you want.
Then with the hand plugged in, you can put the gun in it.

Using the right hand semi-open hand,

you can do a pose like this.

If you use the other hand to hold the gun, this pose will not work.

Next is the gun holster, which attaches to a slot in the shoulder. You will have to move the shoulder armor up to see the slot.

You can put it on the other side but the Leo, even with the open hand, can’t reach it. 
The thrusters attach to a slot on the legs.

Next is the flight pack itself. On the center part of the pack are two pegs.

These pegs fit into the two slots on the Leo’s back.

The fuel tanks plug into the slots on the bottom of the flight pack.

Attached to the Leo. 

The stand works as follows.


Attach the peg to a Tamashii stand. 

The stand attaches into the slot on the Leo.

Now the Leo is up in the air!

An alternate way of keeping the Leo in the air is to have the stand itself (without the adaptor) plugged into the flight unit.

Here is the Leo fully outfitted. 

Here is the Leo side by side with the Tamashii Aries.


The issues I’ve had with this figure are:
·      The legs are pretty limited. They can only bend so far and leave the articulation limited.
·      There are slight balance issues. After a bit of tweaking, it will stand.
·      The waist armor will easily fall off. 


Regardless which way you move the legs, once you put them on, the armor is limited and will start to pop off.

The other main issue I have with this figure is the nub marks.

This honestly really bugs me because this is a figure, not a gunpla. To fix it, one would use a Gundam marker the same color of the Leo. Still, the fact that the *figure* has these marks is just very disturbing.

Over all, it is a decent figure and I do very much recommend it over the standard Leo Tamashii. It has more play value. Think of it as a way to sneak around getting the optional pack; you still get the standard Leo but with much more. Still, I would recommend getting the optional pack. I plan on getting it down the road.

Over-all, I would recommend getting the figure if you are a fan of Wing. As of right now, this is the only way to get a hold of a Leo figure, outside of tracking down the old LM kit from many years ago.

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