Custom HGAG Clanche

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in reviews and content in general. Today I have something a bit different. I recently finished a custom gunpla. A custom High Grade Advance Generation Clanche from Mobile Suit Gundam Age.

If you aren't familiar with Mobile Suit Gundam Age, it is another stand alone Gundam series that came about in 2011. The show focuses on a generational war that lasts for one hundred years. The tone of the show was meant for a younger audience and among die hard fans of the Gundam series had mixed feelings of it. But this isn't a review of the show, if you are curious about the anime look it up and judge it for yourself.

Using the Clanche as a base all I did was pretty much paint it custom colors.

It isn't as well as it could be, but considering it is a fully hand painted I think i did some what well. I'm trying to create my own style of gunpla work. Hopefully I will eventually.

I used Tamiya Color Acrylic paint for this kit.

Well thank you for stopping by.

- Zeroconvoy