Gundam Converge #91 GM Cannon (Zeta Ver.)

Hello every one, I'm here again with another review. Today I'll be looking at the GM Cannon (Zeta Ver.) from the Gundam Converge line.

Lets dive right into the figure itself.

Here is the GM Cannon straight out of the box with out any of its add on parts, since it is the Zeta version of the mobile suit, it does not have its standard white, red, and black color scheme, instead you get a nearly all red and white color scheme.
Here is the front view
 Side view

 Back view
 Here is the articulation. Now normally a converge has articulation in both arms, but because of the cannon mount (see above) it hinders the left arms movement. But in addition to the right arm being able to move clockwise, and the head being able to turn 360, the left hand is able to rotate. Only the left hand can rotate, the other hand is stationary.
Here are the accessories that the GM cannon comes with. The cannon, a shield, two antenna (left and right) and a clear stand.

Here is the GM Cannon fully assembled.
 Side view.
 Side view.
 Back view.
And last but not least, it comes with gum.
Over all it is a Gundam Converge, so don't expect much to go with it, but it is a GM cannon, and it is pretty sweet. 

- Zeroconvoy