Max Factory Figma: Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere, Honda Futayo

Hello every one, I'm here with another review, this time of the figma, Honda Futayo from Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere. Now before I go on, I have not seen the anime, with that in mind please forgive me if I don't use the proper terms or not display the proper poses here. Now onto the review.

Starting with the box itself.
We get a very nice blue and black box with a darker blue pattern. You have a window to see into the box and see what all the figma comes with. You can also see she is number 205 in the figma line.



Other side

On the back you can see the different poses and accessories at work.

Now lets open the box. 

Once the figure is out of the box, we are greeted with a very nice looking figure.

The articulation is pretty average when it comes to a figma, not saying it is bad, but quite the opposite. The upper arms are able to move with out anything really getting in the way, the hair is made of the rubbery soft material that allows it to be moved with ease.


She can move her upper torso around with ease as well.

As well she has a joint in her hair, to move her ponytail.

She does have leg articulation as well, but I will get into it more in depth further into the review.

Moving on to accessories, she comes with two antenna like bow parts.

These fit in to the slot that connects her ponytail to her head.

With both parts placed in her hair, she looks pretty cute.

Going into the different faces she has.

Starting with the face she has already, her neutral face.

Her angry face.

And last but not least, her…err…happy face?


Next we have these, now I’m not sure what these are, granted I have not seen the show, but they go along with the figure, so I will show you what they do. 

Starting with the top green one, you need that and the optional hair piece.

The little nub on the front of the hair, you need to put it inside the hair, like a clip, you may have to pull it out a bit, but it should slide on in.


Once you slide the part inside, it should hold to a point.


Next are the three green panels, you need those and this following part.

Swapping the knee guard off with this part, you are able to place one of the greenish parts on it, basically it’s a balance act, it doesn’t really stay but it holds, just be careful not to knock it over. 

Going into the hands, you get a large variety of hands.

And you get this additional hand for the staff. 

Speaking of the staff, here are two parts of the staff.

This one was so large, I had to back away to take a photo of it.

Some stances with the staff in hand in both small and large sizes.

Again for the large size, I had to break the frame. 

Another accessory we get to go with the staff is this. 

Again, I’m not sure what it does, but it goes on the edge of the staff with the removable blade.


The other weapon she comes with is a sword.

The blade can come out of the sheath. 

And can be held in her hand.  


Next we have these clear parts.

We get three of them, and at first I honestly had no idea what they were, or what function they had, but I quickly figured it out. They are used to hold those green slips she comes with, as for the function of them, I do not know. 

Next we have the figma stand itself.

The standard stand figmas come with, able to pull off great poses.

As well as many of the poses shown above, now here is where I would like to talk about the leg articulation, the back skirt cape she has, goes down very far, making some ground poses difficult, but poses on the stand are easy, and since the skirt is hinged, you can move it freely, making action poses such as jumping and falling more dynamic, but at the cost of the ground mobility being consistent of a few single poses.

Last but not least, the bag.

Now for the issues of this figure, out side of what I said about the skirt and the possibility. There are a few issues here.

The first being the hair, the clear part is literally made of very thin plastic, and could be hard to find if lost, as well it barely holds its place once put in the hair and can easily be knocked on out.

The next is the knee guard, the main issue with this part is, it can easily fall out, as it just sits there, does not lock and is very dependent on the pose that you position the figure at.

Next is the part that goes on the spear, it wobbles. That is pretty much it, it doesn’t really lock into place, it just wobbles.


Last is this part, now this may be because I have not watched the show, but I can’t figure out where this sword goes, nor can I figure out what it attaches too. Granted it looks good and the sword fits, but I can’t figure out where the sheet goes. Not sure if this would be a issue over all or not. 

Over all, this figure is pretty good; it’s a standard for a figma, and comes with a fair amount of accessories, lots of playability and some nice poses. The only real issues really are just come for the accessories, and again, this may be because I have yet to watch the anime she is from. Honestly, the issues that I have pointed out do not really take away from the play value of this figure, and the dramatic poses you can make with it really make up for it all together. I recommend it, if anything to have a great figure in general.