Hello, Its me Zeroconvoy or Scanprod, how ever you know me as. Today I bring to you the VF-11D from Macross Plus. This particlular figure is from the Yamato line of macross toys. I have to say this figure is really well put together and very sturdy.

 The figure is primarily grey with black and orange to break up the monotony.
 The gun it self is a bold medium green.
The figure can pull of some nice poses, and the hands it comes with really offer a lot to the figure. 
As well the articulation is just amazing, I don't think their is a pose this figure can't really do.

Over all the figure is a nice figure, it has it shares of flaws tho, such as the very sharp dagger at the edge of the gun and the wings catch on the back. For a full review please go over here to my youtube channel to watch the unboxing and a full view to see what this figure comes with. VF-11B video review. Feel free to follow the blog and to subscribe to my channel.

- Zeroconvoy