Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nendoroid Rail Wars! Aoi Sakura

Hello again, it is I Zeroconvoy here with yet another review. Today is a first for me. My first ever Nendoroid! So to be honest, I really wasn't sure what to expect. Normally I stay away from Nendoroids just because of there proportions, but this is a special case. I was a big fan of Rail Wars, and I loved everything about it. Even though there was not much war in it and it had other things to make it likable in my opinion. Either way, looking for Rail Wars figures either leaves me looking at a very high end statue, or a couple of Nendoroids. Well either way, the Nendroid was on sale so, here she is, Aoi Sakura from Rail Wars.

Starting off with the box tour. 

 Now for the un-boxing!
 Here is what she all comes with.
 First thing I noticed is that she can't stand on her own.
 So right off the bad, she needs the stand.
 Now she can stand!
 Here she is on the side.
 Back view.
 And the other side view.
 Going on to articulation. She can rotate her head.
 She can lift her arm up.
 As well with the other arm.
 Her arm can also rotate.

 She comes with different faces. The first face she has it the default happy face.
 She has a more embarrassed surprised face.
 She also has a winky face.
 As for accessories, she comes with a can of nitrogen. Used to freeze a time bomb.
 A nightstick.
 As well a fist!
 She also comes with her revolver!
 With a proper combination of accessories, you can make some nice posses. As well she has swap-able legs and skirt!
 She also comes with a practice target.

She also comes with this extra joint that I'm not really sure what it is.
 But it has the Good Smile logo on it!
 So, over all, it is pretty nice. The figure has decent articulation for its design. To be honest I was not sure what to expect about this figure. Going on to the pros and cons.


  • Very nicely detailed.
  • Represents the character well.
  • Fun accessories.
  • Fun play value.
  •  Can't stand with out the stand.
So pretty much it is good, but I'm not sure if I'm going to get more Nendoroids. The proportions do bug me. As well the articulations limited by the figure itself to bug me too. I'm not saying it is a bad figure, but it isn't my type of figure. Although this is the only way to get Rail Wars figures for a good price. so its my best bet!
 - Zeroconvoy

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

GM Converge 17 R (reissue)

Hello again! Today I have yet another Converge to show you. Unlike the previous Gundam Converge figures, this one is a reissue. Odd that there would be reissues in such a line, but I guess they are that popular. So lets kick things off with the review.

Box Tour

Unlike other Gundam Converges, and the original GM Converge, this one has a yellow R on its box. This R is saying that this is the Reissue version. I do not own the original GM Converge so I am not sure what all the reissue version has to offer that the original Gm Converge doesn't, or vise versa. For the sake of this review, we are just going to be looking at the Reissue GM Converge.


Time for the unboxing!
Everything we get with the figure laid out here.
Lets start with the GM itself.

The GM's beam spray gun.

The GM's shield.

Finally the GM's stand.
Looking at the GM fully assembled.

As for articulation.

The GM move its arms up ward to a point.
Unlike some Converge figures, this GM can not really move its head. As well the and with the beam spray gun and rotate and the shield can rotate somewhat.

As for a size comparison to the GM Cannon Converge.
As well to the GM from the Build Gundam Model line.

Time for the Pros and Cons of this figure.


  • Decently sized. 
  • Nice paint and metallic colors where needed. 
  • Can stand without stand. 
  • Able to move arms. 
  • Not able to rotate closed fist. 
  • Not able to move head fully.
 Over all it is a standard Converge, and like the previous Converge figures I've reviewed, each one has its own over all pros and cons, but each one still does a good job at being a nice little figure. This GM being no exception, and after all it is a Converge, don't expect it to be an amazingly articulate figure. It does hold up better than other Converge figures (the Rick Dias). So that has been my review of the GM Converge, thanks for stopping by.

- Zeroconvoy