Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Assault Kingdom Zaku II

Hey, I'm back with another review. Looking at the Assault Kingdom Zaku II. First and foremost a link to the youtube review is here. Now lets hit things off.

First off the figure comes with:

1 Zaku II
1 Stand
1 Recoilless Rifle
1 Zaku II Machine Gun
1 Heat Hawk
1 Commander head
1 Left open hand
1 Right open hand
1 left closed hand
1 right closed hand
1 angled hand.

The Zaku II comes with a Recoilless Rifle.

The Zaku II also comes with a Zaku Machine gun, commander antenna and a heat hawk.

Finally it comes with a stand.

The Zaku II is very articulated as well and very sturdy.

  • Very articulated
  • Very sturdy
  • Fair amount of weapons
  • Nice paint job
  •  I don't have the rest of the set to build the truck.
 Final thoughts, I really enjoyed this particular Assault Kingdom figure. Most of the time they are hit or miss, but this one was a real hit. Sturdy, articulated and a color scheme that doesn't really get hurt by the lack of colors on the assault kingdom figure. The Recoilless Rifle that it comes with give the figure more play value than most which only come with the standard armaments. I can only recommend this particular one, can't say anything bad about it.

- Zeroconvoy

Monday, April 10, 2017

GN Flag Custom (Gundam 00 10th)

Hello again! Boy it has been a while, but I'm here. Still don't have a proper camera, so still using what I got. So what is for today? A Custom GN Flag. Using an old HG 1/144 Flag I had lying around. Basically I just tuned it up, but with a bit of a twist. I put a GN drive on the back, just to mimic the GN Flag from the show. I really wanted to get the figure but I could never find out. So I made my own.

So why a Gundam 00 kit? Well basically it is the 10th anniversary for Gundam 00 and that was the Gundam show that got me back into Gundam as well other anime as well. So basically with out Gundam 00 I wouldn't be into anime or any of this. Heck I may not have a photography blog. So as a tribute to the 10th anniversary here is a custom I've been working on.

Again sorry for the quality, I don't have a proper camera yet. But this is part one of my little tribute to Gundam 00. I'm currently working on part two, but it may be a while till its done. So please hang in there.

Also I got a hold of this too...(don't judge me).

Till next time

- Zeroconvoy