Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Asuka C Unit (Evangelion)

Hello! Here with a quick review. Today we have the Asuka C Unit from the Evangelion Rebuild movies. Here is the link for the review where I go into more depth.

Now here is a quick run down of the figure.

The figure comes in different parts which is easy to assemble. The only part that is articulate on the figure is the head being mounted on a ball joint.

Outside of what is included here, she can plug into the Rei and Kaworu to make a complete set. The set also comes with the visor to her helmet. Rei and Kaworu come with the other parts to said helmet.
Sorry if this review is a bit lacking, again I'm kind of rushing it, but the video review does it in more depth so please watch that to get a better idea of this figure.
Its a small figure so the pros and cons will be pretty fast.

  • Cute
  • Clear orange hair 
  • articulation in the neck
  • The stand is a bit plain.
So that is that for this statue. A short review but to the point. I do recommend it for any Asuka or Eva fan.

- Zeroconvoy

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Anime Austin 2017

Hey everyone! Got back from Anime Austin! If you don't know what Anime Austin is, it is a small Anime convention in Austin Texas. They are also a young con only going on for two years so far. Here is a link for them.

Back on topic. Anime Austin was pretty fun. Saw some amazing cosplays. Only regret I have is I should of taken pictures. Also I ran the panel, Who's that Robot? Which has one amazing turn out! I really can't wait to run it again.

Lastly here are a few pictures of some loot I bought.

First off are two Gundam Gashipon figures.
The Dom and Re-Gz

Next is the Converge Geara Doga.

And last we have a Robotech wall scroll. And the only reason I got it was because I like Misa Hayase.
I'll be sure to update you guys later on when the wall scroll is up.

But that is that for Anime Austin. Can't wait for next year.

- Zeroconvoy

Friday, May 26, 2017

Haze Shiki Custom

Hello again! So a while back the folks at Hobby Link Japan had a model contest. So I wanted to enter. I didn't win anything but I got a pretty nice custom kit. So First of all I'll show you guys some of the W.I.P I did.

Here was the base kit.
1/144 HGUC Revive Hyaku Shiki

So, I used the following kits.
  • HGUC Revive Hyaku Shiki
  • HGUC Nemo
  • HGBF Ez Arms
  • HGBF Powered Arms Powerder
  • HGGB Forever Gundam
  • HGUC Guncannon Mass Production Type
So, lets go a head and look at the W.I.P. 

First off I scratch built some makeshift high mobility thruster.

Next I started to build a makeshift backpack that was a combo of the Ez arms and the Nemo's.

I painted the kit a Haze Grey primary and a Dark Blue secondary.
Originally I had a makeshift shoulder made from what is left of the Hyaku Shiki and the Nemo, but that didn't work out. So instead I pulled out the extra shoulders from the Forever Gundam.

Once that was done, I started the weapons. Using a gunmetal grey and a black as the colors for the gun and the cannons.

So, with all that work, I now present to you...
The Haze Shiki.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Gundam L.O.Booster

Hello again! Got a new custom here! So this custom is based on the 1/144 Gundam L.O. Booster from the Gundam Wing side story. New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Duel Story G-unit. So basically this kit was a pretty nice kit even tho it is an old kit. Only issue I have with this kit was the transformation of the mobile suit was very...lackluster. Basically just lay it down and its transformed. Very disappointed in the transformation. But none the less, it was pretty cool.

What I did to this kit was used the Gundam markers to touch it up. Mostly out of being bored. One thing I had to do was tighten the shoulder armor. The shoulder binders are to heavy and pulled down the left shoulder. Nothing Tamiya clear paint can't fix. So with out further ado, here it is.

- Zeroconvoy